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Wotofo Recurve RDA Review (Mike Vapes)



The Recurve RDA is a collaboration between Mike Vapes and Wotofo. Wotofo are the manufacturers but the concept for the RDA was designed by Mike Vapes (YouTube vape reviewer). The Recurve is very different from a lot of RDA’s i’ve seen before. It is a single coil 24mm RDA that has a very nice build quality overall. It has a crazy curved top cap which I guess is where it got it’s name the ‘Recurve’. I have always been a big fan of Wotofo’s manufacturing quality so I had a feeling that the quality of this RDA would be nice.

I purchased the Recurve RDA from Juice Cartel for around $39 AUD. I purchased it in the black colour that comes with the black and red drip tip. I think the price is pretty reasonable and well within the price range of most other RDA’s of this quality/class.

The Recurve is capable of being used as a normal dripper RDA but it is designed more so with squonking in mind. It does come with the squonk pin pre-installed but also comes with a solid 510 pin so it can be used as a normal dripper also if you are that way inclined. It comes with the RDA, a bag of cotton, a bag of coils, a bag of spares and a mini screwdriver.

The Recurve features a very nice build deck and has very quickly become one of the easiest decks to build on that I have ever used. Installing coils is as simple as snipping your coil legs and then just dropping them in the holes and tightening up the screws. It is a postless deck so your coil legs just drop into holes in the deck. The deck has a very innovative half-pipe looking design where your coil sits directly inbetween both sides of the airflow. Even though this is a single coil RDA, airflow still comes from both sides (either side of the coil).

The squonk pin is pretty short in this RDA but I think it was designed like that so that most of your juice is sucked back into the bottle once your cotton is soaked. It seems like this RDA would be easy to flood because it does have a very shallow juice well. When you squonk into this RDA, the juice rises up all the way to the top of those ‘half-pipe’ airflow sections but it gets sucked back down as soon as you release the squonk bottle. I have never had this leak out of the airflow but this could be an issue for someone who may over-squonk or over-drip.

Another very credible design plus is the notched base and cap, this means that your cap is always in the right position with your coils and also means that you can screw on and unscrew your RDA without the top cap just spinning around and around.

The airflow is super smooth and very easy to adjust, it is a little more restrictive compared to other RDA’s like the Bonza and the Drop but it is super smooth and I think the slightly restricted airflow is responsible for the crazy amount of flavour this RDA produces.

I haven’t used heaps and heaps of RDA’s but it’s safe to say that in my opinion, this is the best RDA I have ever used so far. The flavour is explosive, the build deck is very nice and easy to build on, cloudage is more than decent and overall it has some very cool design aspects that just make it a real pleasure to use.

The Recurve RDA actually comes with some Wotofo coils (3 in the bag) supplied that seemed to ohm out at 0.25 and are actually a really good coil in my opinion. I found the flavour to be great with these coils and they ramp up extremely quickly and hit very hard.

Some of the only issues I have had with the Recurve RDA is that when I first got it, the top cap was very tight to get on and off but after using for a couple of hours and lubing the o-rings up with juice; this is no longer an issue. As much as I love the look of the packaging, the build deck is very tight in the packaging so just be careful when you are removing this that you don’t rip the o-rings off the build deck. Another small con for me is that the juice well is very shallow. I found myself having to squonk this every 2-3 hits to save myself from getting a dry hit but once you know this, it becomes an absolute pleasure to vape.

In summing up this review, I think that Mike Vapes and Wotofo have done an incredible job on the Recurve. It has now become my favourite RDA. It punches out a hell of a lot of flavour and cloudage (I think this is due to the small top cap design) and overall it just delivers a very, very nice vaping experience. Being that it is single coil usually means that it ramps up hard and fast. It has been the perfect combo on my Vandy Vape Pulse 80W.

Let us know what you think about the Wotofo Recurve RDA by leaving your own review or by leaving a comment below.


  • Very innovative 'half-pipe' deck design
  • Very easy to build on
  • Makes a great squonk RDA
  • Airflow is very smooth
  • Notched base and topcap for installing and removing easily
  • Absolute exploision of flavour


  • Deck is very tight in packaging
  • Top cap was difficult to put on and off at first
  • Shallow juice well, needs frequent squonking or dripping


Value for Money - 9
Building Deck - 9.5
Packaging - 8.5
Flavour - 10
Cloudage - 9.5
I am the owner and operator of The Cloudy Boys and have been vaping for 7+ years. I have always wanted to turn my passion for vaping into something that would be helpful for other vapers out there and I think this is it. Creating 100% honest and unbiased reviews on vape gear is my way of giving back to the vaping community. When reviewing products, I do try to take my personal tastes out of the equation and just review things for what they are.

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