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Our Online Vape Shop Has Launched!

THE CLOUDY BOYS ONLINE VAPE SHOP HAS NOW LAUNCHED!! While our starting range is not the biggest (yet), our carefully selected quality e-liquid lines are growing on a regular basis. Instead of stocking everything under the sun we decided to stock products that we have tried and loved. Take a look at our current stock and see for yourself. To celebrate the launch of our store, we are offering you 10...[Read More]

My Vaping Story (7+ Years)

Hey there 🙂 I thought I would make a little video of my vaping story on how I got started vaping, how I quit cigarettes, etc. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Let’s Legalise Vaping in Australia!

In recent reports from the UK, the US and Australia e-cigarettes have been proven to be a successful method of quitting traditional cigarettes. I myself have been vaping for 7+ years now after smoking for many years beforehand. I think I could easily give up the vape if I wanted to but I enjoy it too much! As opposed to a cigarette, e-cigarettes only contain nicotine, not the other 3500 chemicals ...[Read More]

Greg Hunt MP – Says Vaping Won’t Be Legalised Under His Watch

Greg Hunt MP has said that vaping won’t be legalised under his watch. But under his watch, over 21000 people have died due to tobacco related illnesses and have paid billions in taxes. Our guess is that Greg and the ATO are happy for people to keep smoking, so long as they keep paying their taxes. For those who don’t know, Greg Hunt is the federal health minister in Australia. It makes...[Read More]

Wick & Wire Launches 3rd Store in Melbourne

Today, Wick & Wire launched their 3rd store in Melbourne. Previously having one store in Nunawading and another in Cheltenham. This is their third store which is in Pakenham. Great for those living in the deep south east 🙂 The new Wick & Wire in Pakenham is located at: 7/11-13 John Street, Pakenham 3810 I was about to head down to the grand opening but a friend who had got there earlier ...[Read More]

The Voopoo / Tony B Drama Continues

We aren’t normally ones to get involved with any drama, let alone vape drama but a lot of people are still unsure of what is going on between Voopoo, VandyVape & Tony B (The Vapor Trail YouTuber). So for those who don’t know what’s going on, let us break it down for you in a nutshell. Please keep in mind, the following points are just things we have seen/heard and could be sp...[Read More]

Wick & Wire Announces a Third Store in Melbourne

This week, Wick & Wire announced that they will be opening their 3rd store in Melbourne. They currently have a store in Nunawading and another store in Cheltenham. The third store to open which they announced earlier this week is to open in Pakenham which is extremely handy for those living on that side of town. The Pakenham store will be opening this weekend on Saturday 24th March 2018 where ...[Read More]

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