How To Prime a Coil – Tutorial

In this tutorial, we show you how to properly prime your coils so that you can get the perfect vape everytime!

How To Prime a Coil - Vape Tutorial

Priming a coil is a great way to make it last longer, taste better and just perform better overall. It is pretty simple to prime your coils and today in this post, we’re going to show you how it’s done. Priming a coil also helps to get rid of that cotton/metal taste that often arises from new coils. Everytime I replace a coil in my tanks, I always follow this method. You only have to do this whenever you are installing a brand new coil.

There are some photos below for some of the steps but not all of them although, it is a pretty easy process to follow.


Step 1: Start by taking your coil out of it’s wrapper/packaging and place it on a paper towel so that you don’t get juice everywhere. The coil we are using in this tutorial is from the Uwell Nunchaku tank but most pre-made stock coils are very similar in the way they look, work and wick.

Step 2: Get the juice you want to use to prime your coil, it is obviously best if the juice you prime your coil with is the juice you will be using in the tank once the coil is primed. I am going with Robot Rave by Wick & Wire today.

Step 3: With your juice, start dripping into the wicking ports on the side of your coil. Do this to each juice port and keep turning the coil and doing each juice port until they are pretty well soaked. Do this until the cotton is very well soaked and almost can’t accept anymore juice.

Step 4: If you can, drip some juice down the center of your coil onto the cotton in there. Some coils have more exposed cotton than others. The Smok Baby Beast has a large area of cotton that can be seen down the centre. The coil in this image, is from the Uwell Nunchaku and it is very hard to drip down the centre of this coil but just do your best.

Step 5: Install the coil into your tank and fill your tank up with juice.
Step 6: Close the airflow on your tank and take some puffs through the tank WITHOUT hitting the firing button on your mod.
Step 7: Open back up the airflow and turn on your mod. Starting at a low wattage, take a puff while pulsing the fire button on and off, don’t take any long fires yet.
Step 8: Bit by bit, increase the wattage and repeat the same process in Step 7 by pulsing your fire button while inhaling through the tank.
Step 9: By now you should be pretty much at your desired wattage and you should be able to vape as normal. Sometimes you may still have a strange taste for awhile but if you prime it correctly, usually it should be good to go!

That’s it! Very very easy to do but so rewarding when your coils last longer, the flavour is better and you get nicer hits.

Check out the video tutorial here:

I am the owner and operator of The Cloudy Boys and have been vaping for 7+ years. I have always wanted to turn my passion for vaping into something that would be helpful for other vapers out there and I think this is it. Creating 100% honest and unbiased reviews on vape gear is my way of giving back to the vaping community. When reviewing products, I do try to take my personal tastes out of the equation and just review things for what they are.

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