Greg Hunt MP – Says Vaping Won’t Be Legalised Under His Watch

Greg Hunt MP - Vaping Ban

Greg Hunt MP has said that vaping won’t be legalised under his watch. But under his watch, over 21000 people have died due to tobacco related illnesses and have paid billions in taxes. Our guess is that Greg and the ATO are happy for people to keep smoking, so long as they keep paying their taxes.

For those who don’t know, Greg Hunt is the federal health minister in Australia.

It makes us sick to think that money and taxes are more important than the health and wellbeing of people in Australia. We need to start following suit with other countries where vaping has been legalised. It has been proven time and time again that vaping is much less harmful than smoking.

I believe once the Australian politicians find a good way to tax it, only then it will be legalised. When will the greed in this country be put to rest. It doesn’t matter if e-cigarettes are still harmful or not, we know for damn sure that they are safer than traditional cigarettes.

Watch this video for a good laugh making fun of the situation:

I am the owner and operator of The Cloudy Boys and have been vaping for 7+ years. I have always wanted to turn my passion for vaping into something that would be helpful for other vapers out there and I think this is it. Creating 100% honest and unbiased reviews on vape gear is my way of giving back to the vaping community. When reviewing products, I do try to take my personal tastes out of the equation and just review things for what they are.

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