Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site all about?

This site was built for the purpose of reviews on vape related products such as mods, tanks, rda’s, rta’s, accessories and more. Our reviewers have over 7 yrars of experience with vaping. Our goal is to provide 100% genuine, honest and up-front reviews on vaping products. We try to only review products we have used for a reasonable amount of time so that we can review them properly and explore the true pro’s and con’s of a product.

Should we take advice from your reviews?

Vaping is very very subjective. Something you may love may very well be something someone else hates, it’s just the way it is. When we review products we only provide our opinion without bias and try to find the good and bad in everything so that you can make your own educated purchasing decisions. Vape reviews are probably the hardest as they are purely based on personal taste.

Can you review my product(s)?

Yes, we would love to test and review your vaping products, please click here to find out how to get your products in our hands for review.

Do you accept sponsorships from companies?

Quite possibly, it really just depends on the deal we work out. Please keep in mind that we will only ever provide 100% genuine reviews on vape products that we review.

Can I write my own reviews on your site?

Yes, you can! On each product review page you will find multiple links to write your own review on that product. If you would like to provide a review on a product that we haven’t reviewed yet, please contact us.

Are your vape reviews genuine?

Yes, our goal is to only provide 100% honest and genuine reviews without any bias. We do accept products for the purpose of review but this does not at all guarantee a good review on that product. We will explore the pro’s and con’s of every product.

Can I advertise with The Cloudy Boys

Yes, you can! Get in touch with us here to discuss advertising with us. Please note, if you do advertise with us this does not mean your products will get good reviews. Our reviews will always remain 100% honest.

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