Butterscotch by Blowin' Clouds (HOV) eJuice Review

Butterscotch by Blowin’ Clouds (HOV) eJuice Review




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Butterscotch is an ejuice by Australian vape juice manufacturer ‘Blowin’ Clouds‘. This is House of Vape’s very own juice line. For those who don’t know, House of Vape is a vape shop in Sydney Australia. Butterscotch is described by Blowin’ Clouds as : “Rich and creamy butterscotch lolly flavour.”

You can currently purchase this juice individually in 30ml & 125ml. It is currently $5.50 for 30ml (usually $10.95) and $19 for 125ml (usually $37.95) which is extremely affordable. Unfortunately being an Australian juice company, you cannot buy these juices with pre-mixed nicotine so you would have to do this yourself if you do like nicotine in your juices. Hopefully one day these juices will be sold overseas so you will be able to buy them with nic or better yet, this country might finally do the right thing and legalise nicotine juices here in Australia.

In my opinion, Blowin’ Clouds have really hit the mark with the profile on this juice. It tastes exactly like the name describes. A delicious butterscotch lolly flavour that is surprisingly a pretty easy all day vape. I also got a hint of maple syrup flavour while vaping this, not sure if it was just me but it reminded me of having pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream at Pancake Parlour; it was truly delicious. Originally after reading the juice profile I really didn’t think I would like this juice but it pleasantly surprised me.

If you are into those butterscotch lollies or even pancakes and maple syrup, I really think you’re going to love this one!

I tried this juice in both the Smok Big Baby Beast tank and the Wotofo Recurve RDA. It was a delicious vape in both!

You can buy the juice directly from House of Vape at their website here: https://houseofvape.com.au/product/butterscotch/.

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  • Delicious butterscotch flavour
  • Has a nice maple syrup taste also


Value for Money - 9
Flavour - 8.5
Cloudage - 8
All Day Vapeability - 8.5
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