Battery Rewrapping Tutorial

Stay safe and make sure your battery wraps are in good condition!

Battery Rewrapping Tutorial

In this quick and easy tutorial, I am going to show you how to change your battery wraps. It is very important that your wraps remain in good condition with no tears to avoid any dangers associated with exposed batteries. Essentially the whole outside of an 18650 and similar batteries is the negative and the very top post is the positive. If you have a tear in your battery wrapper, when inserted in your mod or anywhere where both of these areas could touch this could lead to a short circuit and your battery can vent/explode.

To rewrap your battery, all you need is some battery wraps, a hairdryer or a lighter and your battery. The hairdryer is the safest option but I just use a lighter because it is a bit faster and it’s also quieter to use. If you do use a lighter be very careful not to melt the wraps, they are very thin and they can melt very easily. Keep the lighter a good distance away from the battery and wrap, just the heat coming off a few inches above the flame is all you need to seal the wrap. I do not recommend that you use a heatgun for applying battery wraps as they are extremely hot and can damage the wraps, your battery and your hands.

Follow the steps in this tutorial to find out how to rewrap your batteries safely and quickly.


Battery Rewrapping TutorialStep 1: Start by removing the wrap from your battery, usually you can do this with your fingernail by flicking up at the edge of the wrap on the negative side of the battery. If you have to, you can use a blade or a knife but be very careful. A better idea is using some ceramic tweezers or non-conductive tool to remove your wraps. If anything metal bridges your positive and negative terminal it can short out the battery which can lead to a battery vent or explosion.

Step 2: On the positive end of the battery there is an insulating ring. These are often different colours on different batteries and some are glued on but some are not. Make sure you do not lose this ring. If it falls off, put it back on the positive side and make sure it remains there while rewrapping your battery.

Step 3: Insert battery through new wrap and line it up so that there is a good amount of overhang on both the positive and negative sides. The negative side should end up with more wrap overhang than the positive side.

Step 4: For this part, you can use a hairdryer or a lighter. I prefer to use a lighter as it is quieter and faster but be careful not to burn a hole in your wraps when using the lighter. Start at one end and get this sealed up by applying heat from a good distance. Do not get too close if you are using a lighter. Once you have sealed one end, work your way down the wrap until you have sealed the other end. Make sure that insulating ring is still in place on the positive end of the battery!

Step 5: While heating the wrap, press down and smooth out any crinkles in the wrap with your fingers. Apply some heat and then rub with your fingers to do this.

Step 6: Apply some heat to the top end of your battery and press it down on something solid just to make sure it is sitting nicely around the end. Do the same for the other end of the battery.

Step 7: You’re all done, your battery wrap should be nicely installed. If you burnt any holes in your wrap, remove it and repeat this process with another wrap. Also, make sure you change your wraps or replace your battery whenever they have a tear.

So that’s it. It really is quite easy to rewrap your batteries and when it comes down to it, battery safety really is paramount when it comes to vaping. A very high percentage of battery failures are because of damaged wraps. Make sure to check your wraps whenever you remove/install them in your mods, it only takes a few seconds and really could save you from a horrible accident.

Check out the video version of this tutorial below:

I am the owner and operator of The Cloudy Boys and have been vaping for 7+ years. I have always wanted to turn my passion for vaping into something that would be helpful for other vapers out there and I think this is it. Creating 100% honest and unbiased reviews on vape gear is my way of giving back to the vaping community. When reviewing products, I do try to take my personal tastes out of the equation and just review things for what they are.

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