2 Similar Mods = Different Battery Life?

Do Similar Mods Use Batteries Differently?

2 Similar Mods = Different Battery Life?

So, a lot of people think that all mods are identical or similar when in comes to battery life whether they are single battery/dual battery or other. All mods use their batteries differently, for instance let’s just say we have 2 mods and they are both dual 18650. Now let’s say that both of these mods are using the exact same atomizer, with the exact same coil, using the exact same wattage. Even though both of these mods have the same batteries and setups, one can last longer than the other. In this writeup, we are mainly talking about regulated vape mods.

The reason behind this is mainly to do with the efficiency of the chip/circuitry in the mod, some chips are extremely efficient and can provide power very quickly without straining the batteries. Other mods, may be very inefficient meaning that they use a lot of battery power to reach your desired wattage. This affects battery life in a huge way, obviously the mod with the more efficient chipset and circuitry will outlast the one with the inefficient chipset and circuitry.

Another thing to think about is the ‘minimum operating voltage’. The minimum operating voltage is the voltage at which the mod cuts off due to low batteries, it’s set by the manufacturer and for safety reasons it is usually a figure high enough that will keep the battery in good shape and allow it to charge again properly. Some manufacturers opt for a lower cutoff voltage than others meaning you will get more life out of those batteries.

Standby usage is another factor in how efficient your mod uses it batteries. Some mods use a lot of power in standby (just sitting there not being vaped) and others will use hardly any.

There are also other things that can drastically affect the life of the batteries in your mod. Usually these things might be extra features such as touchscreens, lights, etc.

A good example of the difference in mods are 2 that I have owned and used for quite awhile. Both of these mods are dual 18650. One of them is the Smoant Charon TS 218 which is a mod with a large touchscreen and the other is a Voopoo Drag. Even with the touchscreen turned off the whole time, I found that the Smoant TS218 had terrible battery life compared to the Voopoo Drag. This is probably not the best example because of the touchscreen but even 2 mods with very similar features can be vastly different in terms of battery life. When I removed the almost ‘dead’ batteries from the Smoant and put them in the Voopoo Drag, it still showed a considerable amount of battery life left and I vaped it for quite awhile before they died.

A new mod I just picked up recently, the Vapecige VTX 200w is unbelievable when it comes to battery life. Even though it has a colour screen, the battery life has been incredible. This is a dual 18650 device and is much better in terms of battery life compared to other dual 18650 mods I have used.

In summing up, not all devices are equal when it comes to battery life even if they use the same amount and type of batteries. A lot of people are confused when I mention in my reviews that a mod has a good battery life and they say “Why would that mod be any different in battery life to another dual 18650 device?”. Well that’s my answer 😉

I hope that helped anyone who wasn’t sure if there was a difference!

I am the owner and operator of The Cloudy Boys and have been vaping for 7+ years. I have always wanted to turn my passion for vaping into something that would be helpful for other vapers out there and I think this is it. Creating 100% honest and unbiased reviews on vape gear is my way of giving back to the vaping community. When reviewing products, I do try to take my personal tastes out of the equation and just review things for what they are.

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